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Dee and Franck

I thank Claire so much for being there to help guide us through the birth of Daisy. She was there whenever we needed but was also respectful for our privacy giving us time to be on our own together too. It was such a relief to have her step in when Frank needed to have a break and I will always cherish the time we had walking in the park while we waited for the contractions to get stronger! She brought with her a reminder of how magical and sacred giving birth is. We love her very much and are so happy to have experienced this special time with her. 

Maja and Daniel

I feel fortunate and grateful to have had Claire as my doula for the birth of my daughter Mila. It was my first birth and although I was experiencing a plethora of feelings, Claire was there to guide me and my partner through every moment. She was breathing with me and massaged me through the whole process. From the moment we met, up to few months after the birth she offered assistance, support and advise. I feel as I have gained a sister from the experience. She helped me understand the process of birth and ways to go though it gracefully, she helped me develop a birth plan which she personally made sure it was respected and followed at all times. Having Claire there for me made all the difference for me to have a relatively easy and comfortable birth. I will not think twice for my next pregnancy and i will strongly recommend Claire to any mom to be.




Claire is an amazing doula and made such a difference in our birth experience as first time parents to-be. She was such a support and resource to me and my husband and knew exactly what to do and how to help us navigate each phase, including pre and post baby. During my second pregnancy we did not hesitate one second to hire her again as our doula.

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