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Hi! I am Claire 

Originally from France, Cape Town has been my home since 2015.

​I am the mother of two children, Luna and Gael who constantly teach me how to move with flow!

​Being a doula resonates for me as my soul mission in life. I loved having a doula for my second birth and the deep feeling of safety her presence offered me.

In 2016, I did my doula training with Mama Bamba in Cape Town and two and half years later, I received my certification as a birth doula from Mama Bamba and the international organisation DONA.


I feel lucky to have received the teachings of Robyn Sheldon, the beautiful founder of Mama Bamba and deeply knowledgeable midwife and doula. I have worked, as a student first and then as a certified doula in the private and public sectors, through a doula network in Cape Town.

"Lune Orange" means orange moon in French. It is the name of a Native American grandmother who appears in some of the stories I love to tell my children at night (inspired by one of my favorite book*). Her loving, nurturing and calming energy surrounds me as a birth keeper.  It also reminds me the quiet and powerful connection that we as women all share with the moon.

The practice of yoga has always been in my life, and more recently the one of conscious dance, which has become my medicine. When I am not supporting women and their families, I work as an epidemiologist for a medical NGO.

​I feel honoured to accompany and witness the arrival of new humans on earth, and the evolution of the families and communities they join.

*Jamie Sams. The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers: Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of the Feminine Through the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood

Thank you for your message ! I will reply to you very soon.

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