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The Blessing Way ceremony is a tradition of Navajo Indians (North American Indians often related to Apaches) to celebrate the future mother.

The Navajos used to say "everything that happens here on Earth must first be dreamed". This is exactly what a Blessing Way ceremony does, as a prelude to a major life event.

During the ceremony, close friends and family are invited to rejoice, honour the mother, and offer her loving support.  

​There are many ways to create this special space for new parents, but it is not the same as a baby shower. 

​Blessing Way ceremonies usually happen on the 120th day of pregnancy, which according to the Kundalini Yoga tradition represents the moment the soul of the child enters the mother’s womb.


However, it is never too late to have a Blessing Way ceremony, even if you are past your 120th day of pregnancy.

Let's create a celebration that will last a lifetime!

Cost: from R600 - depends on your desires, contact for more details 

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